2020 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan - FEP Blue Focus
Section 3. How You Get Care
Page 25
  • Any other information we may request related to the services to be provided; and
  • If the admission is to a residential treatment center (RTC), a preliminary treatment and discharge plan agreed to by the member, provider and case manager at the Local Plan, and the RTC.
Note: You must enroll and participate in case management with your Local Plan prior to, during, and following an inpatient RTC stay. See pages 78-79 and 88 for additional information.

Note: If we approve the request for prior approval or precertification, you will be provided with a notice that identifies the approved services and the authorization period. You must contact us with a request for a new approval five (5) business days prior to a change to the approved original request, and for requests for an extension beyond the approved authorization period in the notice you received. We will advise you of the information needed to review the request for change and/or extension.
  • Non-urgent care claims

For non-urgent care claims (including non-urgent concurrent care claims), we will tell the physician and/or hospital the number of approved inpatient days, or the care that we approve for Other services that must have prior approval. We will notify you of our decision within 15 days after the receipt of the pre-service claim.

If matters beyond our control require an extension of time, we may take up to an additional 15 days for review and we will notify you of the need for an extension of time before the end of the original 15-day period. Our notice will include the circumstances underlying the request for the extension and the date when a decision is expected.

If we need an extension because we have not received necessary information from you, our notice will describe the specific information required and we will allow you up to 60 days from the receipt of the notice to provide the information.
  • Urgent care claims

If you have an urgent care claim (i.e., when waiting for your medical care or treatment could seriously jeopardize your life, health, or ability to regain maximum function, or in the opinion of a physician with knowledge of your medical condition, would subject you to severe pain that cannot be adequately managed without this care or treatment), we will expedite our review of the claim and notify you of our decision within 72 hours as long as we receive sufficient information to complete the review. (For concurrent care claims that are also urgent care claims, please see If your treatment needs to be extended on page 26). If you request that we review your claim as an urgent care claim, we will review the documentation you provide and decide whether or not it is an urgent care claim by applying the judgment of a prudent layperson who possesses an average knowledge of health and medicine.

If you fail to provide sufficient information, we will contact you within 24 hours after we receive the claim to let you know what information we need to complete our review of the claim. You will then have up to 48 hours to provide the required information. We will make our decision on the claim within 48 hours of (1) the time we received the additional information or (2) the end of the time frame, whichever is earlier.

We may provide our decision orally within these time frames, but we will follow up with written or electronic notification within three days of oral notification.

You may request that your urgent care claim on appeal be reviewed simultaneously by us and OPM. Please let us know that you would like a simultaneous review of your urgent care claim by OPM either in writing at the time you appeal our initial decision, or by calling us at the telephone number listed on the back of your ID card. You may also call OPM’s FEHB 1 at (202) 606-0727 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Time (excluding holidays) to ask for the simultaneous review. We will cooperate with OPM so they can quickly review your claim on appeal. In addition, if you did not indicate that your claim was a claim for urgent care, call us at the telephone number listed on the back of your ID card. If it is determined that your claim is an urgent care claim, we will expedite our review (if we have not yet responded to your claim).