2020 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan - FEP Blue Focus
Section 1. How This Plan Works
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Your rights and responsibilities

OPM requires that all FEHB plans provide certain information to their FEHB members. You may get information about us, our networks, and our providers. OPM’s FEHB website (www.opm.gov/insure) lists the specific types of information that we must make available to you. Some of the required information is listed below.

  • Years in existence
  • Profit status
  • Care management, including case management and disease management programs
  • How we determine if procedures are experimental or investigational

You are also entitled to a wide range of consumer protections and have specific responsibilities as a member of this Plan. You can view the complete list of these rights and responsibilities by visiting our website, at www.fepblue.org/en/rights-and-responsibilities.

By law, you have the right to access your protected health information (PHI). For more information regarding access to PHI, visit our website at www.fepblue.org/en/terms-and-privacy/notice-of-privacy-practices/ to obtain our Notice of Privacy Practices. You can also contact us to request that we mail you a copy of that Notice.

If you want more information about us, call or write to us. Our telephone number is shown on the back of your ID card. You may also visit our website at www.fepblue.org.

Your medical and claims records are confidential

We will keep your medical and claims information confidential.

Note: As part of our administration of this contract, we may disclose your medical and claims information (including your prescription drug utilization) to any treating physicians or dispensing pharmacies. You may view our Notice of Privacy Practice for more information about how we may use and disclose member information by visiting our website at www.fepblue.org.