2020 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan - FEP Blue Focus
Section 5(h). Wellness and Other Special Features
Page 107
If you have any questions regarding these programs, including if you are eligible for enrollment and assistance with enrollment, please contact us at the customer service telephone number on the back of your ID card.

Flexible Benefits Option
Under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan’s FEP Blue Focus, our Case Management process may include a flexible benefits option. This option allows professional case managers at Local Plans to assist members with certain complex and/or chronic health issues by coordinating complicated treatment plans and other types of complex patient care plans. Through the flexible benefits option, case managers will review the member’s healthcare needs and may at our sole discretion, identify a less costly alternative treatment plan for the member. The member (or their healthcare proxy) and provider(s) must cooperate in the process. Case Management Program enrollment is required for eligibility. Prior to the starting date of the alternative treatment plan, members who are eligible to receive services through the flexible benefits option are required to sign and return a written consent for case management and the alternative plan. If you and your provider agree with the plan, alternative benefits will begin immediately and you will be asked to sign an alternative benefits agreement that includes the terms listed below, in addition to any other terms specified in the agreement. We must receive the consent for case management and the alternative benefits agreement signed by the member/healthcare proxy before you receive any services included in the alternative benefits agreement.

  • Alternative benefits will be made available for a limited period of time and are subject to our ongoing review. You must cooperate with and participate in the review process. Your provider(s) must submit the information necessary for our reviews. You and/or your healthcare proxy must participate in care conferences and caregiver training as requested by your provider(s) or by us.
  • We may revoke the alternative benefits agreement immediately at any time, if we discover we were misled by the information given to us by you, your provider, or anyone else involved in your care, or that you are not meeting the terms of the agreement.
  • If we approve alternative benefits, we do not guarantee that they will be extended beyond the limited time period and/or scope of the alternative benefits agreement or that they will be approved in the future.
  • The decision to offer alternative benefits is solely ours, and unless otherwise specified in the alternative benefits agreement, we may at our sole discretion, withdraw those benefits at any time and resume regular contract benefits.
  • Our decision to offer or withdraw alternative benefits is not subject to OPM review under the disputed claims process.

If you sign the alternative benefits agreement, we will provide the agreed-upon alternative benefits for the stated time period, unless we are misled by the information given to us or circumstances change. Benefits as stated in this brochure will apply to all services and dates of care not included in the alternative benefits agreement. You or your provider may request an extension of the time period initially approved for alternative benefits, no later than five business days prior to the end of the alternative benefits agreement. We will review the request, including the services proposed as an alternative and the cost of those services, but benefits as stated in this brochure will apply if we do not approve your request.

Note: If we deny a request for precertification or prior approval of regular contract benefits, as stated in this brochure, or if we deny regular contract benefits for services you have already received, you may dispute our denial of regular contract benefits under the OPM disputed claims process (see Section 8).

Telehealth Services
Go to www.fepblue.org/telehealth or call 855-636-1579, TTY: 855-636-1578, toll free to access on-demand, affordable, high-quality care for adults and children experiencing non-emergency medical issues, including treatment of minor acute conditions (see page 134 for definition), dermatology care, counseling for mental health and substance use disorder, and nutritional counseling.

Note: This benefit is available only through the contracted telehealth provider network.